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Succulent Plants

Both cacti and succulent plants are easy for which to care. While all cacti are succulents, not all succulents are cacti, however. Since succulents are capable of storing moisture, either can be a good introduction to caring for plants for the absentee gardener. As long as succulents are not overwatered, they can live for a long time. If you're interested in propagating, many succulents can be grown from a fallen leaf.

Full Sun Succulent Plants

Most people think of succulents as requiring full sun. Haworthias are a good example of full-sun succulent plants. This does not necessarily mean blazing sun all day long, however. Many full-sun succulents actually benefit from just a few hours of full sun with bright, filtered light the rest of the day. This prevents sunburn or stress that will cause the plant to look washed out. Check the requirements of your particular species.

Light Watering Succulent Plants

By definition, succulent plants store moisture. Many of them tolerate flood conditions for a short time. Light watering succulent plants are those that tolerate drought conditions better. However, keep in mind that all succulents and cactus plants need water to replenish the moisture in their leaves.


Cactus plants are distinguishable from other succulents by their round, cushion-like structures that have spines, hair, or leaves growing from them. There are no cactus native to Australia, however, there are many that do well. San Pedro cactus plants, for example, can be quite cold hardy as well as flourish in hot, dry weather.


While succulents and cactus do not need year-round fertilising, during the growing season, they should be fed on average once per week. All commercial fertilisers have an NPK rating. This stands for nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. Choose a product that is either balanced (10:10:10) or with a slightly lower nitrogen rating, such as an African violet fertiliser. If you dilute it to 1/2 or even 1/4 strength, it will be perfect for your plants.

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