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Women's Suede Bags

Bags are ultimate accessories for women, as they not only allow you to look good and stylish, but also provide a practical storage place. Women's bags come in limitless shapes, designs, and sizes, so there is one for every occasion and every outfit. Some you wear just for the good looks, while others are utterly practical. The choice of materials can seem overwhelming as well. Here, the rule is to stick to high-quality materials that make for durable and beautiful bags. Suede is one such material to consider when shopping for a bag.

Basics of Suede

Suede is actually a type of leather, not a material of its own. Suede is in fact a type of leather finish, a result of brushing split or soft leather. This material feels soft to touch and falls into the category of luxurious materials. Take good care of a suede bag if you want it to last. Suede does have the tendency to get dirty, as it is the inside of the leather. Leave your suede bag at home when going out in the rain, as it does not respond well to water. If the bag does get wet, allow it to dry at room temperature. To remove stains, you can use a pencil eraser, white vinegar, or dedicated suede cleaner.

Suede Clutches

Clutches are small bags that hold only the essentials. Thanks to their elegance, they are perfect accessories for dining out or going to the theatre. The classic women's suede clutch is rectangular, but you can experiment with more daring shapes as well, such as oversized clutches. Suede clutches can be very simple and thus perfectly enhance modest evening outfits, but they could also include some fancy embellishments for a more daring look.

Suede Shoulder Bags

Suede shoulder bags come handy if you need to carry a few more items with you. They look best with casual outfits and are your best friends when you are in town running errands. Shoulder bags come in various styles, including spacious hobos, small and cute crossbody bags, and totes.

Suede Backpacks

A suede backpack is your best pick if you need to carry lots of things with you and need to be on your feet for many hours, as this bag rests comfortably on your shoulders. Backpacks feature many compartments, helping you to organise your essentials and access them quickly should you need them.

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