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Caravan Sullage Hoses and Accessories

What goes in must always come out, and having somewhere for waste water to go once you’ve used it in your caravan or motorhome is as important as getting water in there in the first place. This isn’t something you ever want to see go wrong, and so it’s a good idea to invest in a hose that attaches tightly and securely. There are sullage hoses of different lengths and diameters, so make sure to do your homework and figure out which diameter your caravan or motorhome needs, and how long you think you’ll need your hose to be.


Sullage, sometimes also referred to as waste water or grey water, is water that’s been used to wash yourselves or your dishes, or it’s been cooked in or similar. Sullage may contain food particles, and because the hoses tend to be narrower than your typical drainage pipe it’s a good idea to make very sure you’re not washing down any large waste items. A good sullage hose has a ribbed outside but is smooth on the inside. They’re almost always black too, contrasting with the white of your fresh water supply, to clearly mark out which is which.


For most folks, there will be large portions of the year where you’re not using your caravan or motorhome, and so you’ll need a good way to store your hoses and suchlike that will leave them in good shape to be used again next season. A lot of times the hoses you buy come with their own hose bag, but when this is not the case you can easily just buy one separately. You can get those hose bags and other caravan accessories right here.

Other Hoses and Cables

Before you ever get to your sullage, you need to get your fresh water. Fresh water hoses are typically white, and should ideally be designated as food-grade hoses to make sure you don’t get any plasticy taste in your water, and to make sure nothing untowards grows in the hose. These hoses are usually white, both to keep them from absorbing too much of the sun’s heat and to mark them out against the black of sullage hoses. Besides a good hose for your fresh water, you’ll also need a caravan water pump to maintain the pressure you need for things like taking a shower or getting a glass of water from the tap.

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