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Superga has been making shoes for over a century now, with a solid focus on comfort, quality, and exceptional good looks. This Italian manufacturer started making shoes in 1911, and it’s barely even paused ever since. While most of its shoes are essentially casual sneakers, they have the fine workmanship and materials that will make them popular in a lot of workplaces as well. Especially those on their feet all day – the vulcanised rubber sole offers great support for tired feet.

Superga Women's Athletic Shoes

Superga has been producing athletic shoes the entire time that it’s been in business, and their ‘Classic’ designs – the 2730, the 2750, and the 2790 – have remained popular the whole time. The brand must be doing something right, it figures, and it continues to produce those same styles in the same materials as it has done for over a century. These classic athletic shoes or trainers wear well and are made from natural materials, making them a great choice for those who want to get closer to nature without being… well, barefoot. Canvas uppers breathe well, keeping feet cool while you run or play, and nappa leather – a premium, extra soft leather – offers a warmer shoe for colder days.

Superga Men's Shoes

Superga offer a few less styles for men than for women, but they still provide a great selection of athletic and fashion shoes that are comfortable, supportive, and exude a sense of timeless, relaxed style. The 2750 is Superga’s unisex Classic style, available in both men’s and women’s sizes. You’ll find it in a selection of neutral colours that will go with almost any outfit, including sand beige, light grey, black, and white. If you’re looking for something outside the box, though, never fear – Superga frequently collaborate with designers to produce limited edition special versions of its Classic shoes. You’ll probably find a few of their vintage collaborations right here; some of them are rather difficult to find now. 

Superga Women's Flats

While the vast majority of Superga’s shoes are technically flats, there are a few styles that they produce each year which are worth special mention. If you like the height of low heels but find them difficult to wear, you might just love the brand’s take on espadrilles – platform soles bound with rope in the classic 2750 shape, but with satin detailing for an oddly luxurious beachy feel. They’d work perfectly with the relaxed but showy Gold Coast vibe. Superga’s mules are cut down versions of its sneakers, some with low platform soles, and often featuring unusual uppers, like woven leather or carefully embroidered or printed canvas. Another collection worth running an eye over is the metallic range, with moody metal inspired shades on synthetic uppers to boost the longevity of the metallic finish. If you’re looking for something minimalistic, check out the brand’s slides for a different take on a popular shoe style. Its slides feature pony hair, velvet, or canvas uppers and moulded PVC soles – one of the few departures from tradition!

Superga Casual Men's Shoes

Superga make some great fashionable leisure shoes, all featuring the brand’s traditional vulcanised rubber sole. If you’re looking for a casual all-rounder that you can wear with a lot of different outfits, it’s hard to go past the brand’s suede sneakers. The luxe uppers kick up the style without impacting on comfort, and the sneaker form factor means that they’ll look good with a basic tee and shorts as well as jeans and a button-down shirt. If you’re looking for a tough shoe with some warmth and protection, check out the leather sneakers. They combine stylishness and practicality in one very attractive package.

Superga Women's Fashion Sneakers

Superga offer a great range of women’s fashion sneakers. From platforms to espadrilles, the brand likes to experiment with new variations on its traditional theme. All its sneakers feature its vulcanised rubber soles – although some are thicker than others. And there’s a wide array of uppers, from metallic synthetics to dyed or embroidered canvas and coloured leather and suede offerings. You can capture almost any mood with these babies – there are subtle and delicate prints as well as neon shades, and everything in between. In the last couple of seasons, Superga’s snakeskin and camo prints have been popular, and so have the fruits of the brand’s collaboration with Australia’s Double Rainbouu.

What to buy with your new Superga shoes?

Some good quality socks are one of those purchases that a lot of people forget when they buy a new pair of shoes. Pick up some low-rise athletic socks with cushioned soles to help you break in your new shoes and make them extra comfy. Another important purchase is shoelaces – buying replacements once they’ve broken can be a frustrating and lengthy experience. Better to have them on hand if possible. If you tend to over pronate as you walk (rolling the foot too far inward), then a pair of insoles with extra arch support will probably be a good idea. While Superga shoes do offer some support, you’ll typically find that sneakers in general won’t have enough arch padding for over pronators. Hopefully you’re already making plans on where to wear your new shoes, which brings us to the next important purchase – a hat that matches or complements your shoes. They don’t need to be a perfect match; just pick a base colour and a detail colour (if applicable) and match those. Grab some sunscreen as well, and you have the makings of a great day out. All you need to do is add clothes and a picnic.