Superman first appeared in Action Comics more than 70 years ago and is a well-loved superhero for many. Since then, he has featured in comic books, movies, television and more. You can easily spot him by his bright blue and red outfit, with flowing red cape and big yellow S on his chest. Kids old and young enjoy anything that involves Superman, and there are many items to collect, such as toys, costumes, clothing and vintage comic books.

Comic Books

It is hard to say how many Superman comic books there have been, but estimations number them in the thousands. Compounding the number is knowing that Superman has had guest appearances in comics of other famous superheroes, too, even with other franchises. Action Comics released Superman issue number one in 1938. Many of the old comic books are now worth a lot of money, especially those in pristine condition. If you would like to know how writers portrayed Superman decades ago, have a look through the Superman comic books in English and see if you can find some old gems.

Toys and Figurines

Children love having Superman toys to play with so they can play imaginary or feel like they have their very own superhero by their side. Some adults may like to collect Superman figurines to display in their home.


There are many branded Superman clothing items, including t-shirts with the big S on the front, underwear, hats and socks. Sizes for children and adults are available, because you're never too old to be a Superman fan.


Probably one of the more popular costumes for kids and adults is that of Superman. Acting as a superhero for a themed party or Halloween can be really fun. The Superman costume features a tight blue bodysuit with red underpants overtop and a red cape. You can even find Superman costumes that have built in muscles in case you do not have your own.