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Got one to sell?

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Surface Pro Tablet and eBook Readers

Microsoft's Surface Pro line of tablet and eBook readers move tablets out of the pure media consumption arena and into the creation arena. Unlike other tablet and eBook readers, Surface Pro tablets have always offered a full desktop operating system. Thus, it's the operating system that has always been the key differentiator of the Surface Pro line from competing iOS and Android tablets.

Surface Pro Design

The Surface Pro has always followed the basic tablet design of being almost entirely screen, with the processor located in the body of the system behind the screen. In addition to the touchscreen input, the line also offers a series of detachable keyboards that turn the Pro from a tablet into a functional laptop.


Unlike the entry level Surface tablets, the Pro line has always featured Intel processors much like competing laptops. In fact, it may be best to think of a Pro as a laptop where the keyboard comes off more than a tablet. Different models have offered as much as 16 GB of RAM and as much as 1 TB of storage. The Pro also includes a Wacom digitiser for use with a stylus. In comparison with most tablets, the Pro is a beast, and it

Surface Pro Models

The first Surface Pro models featured a 27 centimetre screen in a 16:9 aspect ratio, which increased on later models to 30 centimetres on Surface Pro 3 tablets and eBook readers, and 31.2 centimetres on Surface Pro 4 tablets and eBook readers and later models. They all featured the latest Intel Core series processors giving them higher performance than many laptops.

Surface Pro Accessories

The most important Surface Pro accessories are the cover and the Surface Pen. The Microsoft Type Cover features a magnetically attached keyboard that folds over the screen to double as a cover for your tablet. The pen works in conjunction with the tablet's digitiser to turn it into an art and design workstation.

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