Surfing Memorabilia

If you live for surfing then you are most likely interested in having surfing memorabilia in your home. There are many different collectors’ items available ranging from clothing to vintage surfboards. Having surfing memorabilia around your home can give you happy reminders of your favourite pastime and also give an extra beach vibe to holiday homes.

Vintage Surfboards

Did you know that the first surfboards were wooden? Fibreglass only first went into use after WWII. You can find vintage surfboards from decades ago and while they may not be up to use in the water, they definitely provide good decoration. You may even come across a board or piece of a board that caught a wave with a surfing legend or two.

Posters and Pictures

If you are looking for decorative surfing posters and prints to fill some wall space, there are many sizes and styles to choose from. You may like to have a framed photo of one of your surfing favourites riding a wave in a competition or on the winner’s podium. There are some fantastic large posters featuring surfers either on the beach or out on the water, and some memorabilia come signed. Another option is decorative surfing plaques and signs, which have some funky designs.


Many surfing legends have given the rash shirts or board shorts that they wore in competitions to fans. A lot of these go on display in frames and some are even autographed. Your friends will really be jealous when they see one of these in your home.

Magazines and Videos

Want to see how surfing was back in the day? Maybe you will be lucky to find an old video of a classic competition, and hopefully also lucky to find a video player to view it on. If that is too difficult then check out the range of magazines that will give you some insight into what was going on in the surfing world at the time of print.