Survival Hunting Knives

Survival Hunting Knives

When in the outdoors, in a survival situation or out hunting, it pays to be prepared. Among the elements, you never know when you might need the help of a trusty knife. Hunting knives and particulaly survival hunting knives can be valuable inclusions in a survival kit, since you may need a sharp blade for a wide range of scenarios.

Hunting Knife Blades

The most important feature of a survival knife is naturally its blade. For hunting and survival, typically the most useful knife type is a fixed blade knife because of their durability. Whether theyre made of stainless steel or have a ceramic coating, these hunting knives are designed for versatility and as such often have a partly serrated blade.

Survival Knife Handles

In a survival situation where you need the aid of a knife, you want to make sure you have a firm grip. Survival hunting knives are designed to have handles that emphasise ergonomics and grip so that theyre both comfortable and reliable.

Knife Sheath and Other Accessories

Its crucial that if you own a survival knife, you have some way of safely storing it. With a knife sheath, you smartly store or transport your knife, without worry. Some knives come with a more advanced storage setup, letting you choose how you want to carry your blade, for example with a drop leg carry. Other useful accessories for your knife include a sharpener so that youre not left with a dull blade.

Other Hunting Knives

While a fixed blade knife makes for a good survival tool, its by no means the only useful hunting knife. Pocket hunting knives offer a more compact option, generally by having a folding blade to reduce their carry size. Throwing knives on the other hand are weighted much differently so that they can be thrown with accuracy, again providing different functionality.