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Suspenders were important fashion accessories in the past, serving the same purpose as belts to hold people’s bottoms and jeans up. In the past, people didn’t always make their clothes as well as they do today. They were more expensive, and many people couldn’t afford to buy new trousers just because their old ones didn’t fit anymore. Suspenders allowed people to wear ill-fitting trousers that would otherwise have fallen down.

Vintage Suspenders

Although suspenders have generally become a thing of the past (with the more practical and fashionable belt replacing them) they are still useful in certain situations. For example, a lot of people wear vintage suspenders to certain dress up parties. Other people choose to wear them because they think that they still look good. In the modern world, suspenders seem to be slowly coming back into fashion with the rise of the hipster movement, and it is common to see young hipsters wearing them.

Fancy Dress Suspenders

Another popular use for suspenders is as a fancy dress accessory. Many people choose to add suspenders to their costume for certain events, as they give a funny, outdated look. For example, if you were attending a Mardi Gras parade, you might choose to wear a pair of rainbow suspenders as part of your costume.

Suspenders Accessories

If you do choose to wear a pair of suspenders, then you need to think about what you are going to wear with them. Although you could just wear them with your everyday clothes, they will look the best when you wear them with specific other items. Take a look at the wide range of suspenders accessories for boys, girls, men and women to see what’s out there for you to choose from. Things like bow ties and fancy clips are among the most popular suspenders accessories.

Choosing a Pair of Suspenders

Choosing a pair of suspenders is relatively straightforward. Since they use elastic, you don’t need to buy an exact size. Something roughly the right size should be fine, as long as they aren’t too long (most suspenders are adjustable anyway). Pay careful attention to the colour and style, and try to match your new suspenders to the clothes that you are going to wear them with.

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