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Swan Inflatable Ride-on Pool Floats and Rafts

Pool floats and rafts have been around for years, but the latest trend of the last few summers is to have a giant animal or bird to float on while hanging around in the pool, at the beach or on the lake. This summer, you can swan around with your very own inflatable swan, and be the envy of all your friends. Perfect for lazy days, lounging around with your friends or family, this ultimate summertime accessory is safe to use, comfortable and deflates to a compact easy to carry and storable size. You can easily inflate your swan using a manual or electric pump in just minutes.


Swan inflatables go through quality testing to international standards, come from heavy non-toxic PVC or vinyl and are durable enough to survive daily use. They come with a puncture repair kit - just in case your swan gets into trouble - so you can be back out on the water in no time.


Different colours are available for these pool floats, including white, pearly white, black, gold and silver. All colours look simply stunning and no matter what colour you choose, you can be sure to get some attention.


Swan inflatables come in different sizes for adults and will vary depending on the brand that you decide on. One of the largest giant swans measures at a huge 190 cm by 190 cm by 120 cm, while a regular size can be around 138 cm by 120 cm by 96 cm. Children and baby sizes are also available so the whole family can enjoy frolicking out on the water together.

Other Inflatable Products

If swans are not your thing, there are many other pool floats on the market to choose from. Flamingos and unicorns have become increasingly popular along with dragon inflatables. There are also more conventional inflatables in the range of round pool floats, including donuts, water wheels, rings and chairs; you could even like on a raft in the shape of a piece of pizza.