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Swatch Watches

If you’re looking for a timepiece that is fun, inexpensive and reliable, swatch watches may be the watch for you. Swatch originally developed in the 1980’s with the intention of bringing to the public, a watch that is stylish but affordable in price, and it also backed by Swiss-made technology. There are a bevy of styles produced by Swatch. In fact, just about everyone can find a watch that suits their taste and style. Through the years Swatch has started many trends on their own including wearing multiple watches on one arm. Additionally, many celebrities and sports figures enjoy wearing Swatch watches.

Men’s Swatch Watches

Because Swatch is famous for how well their watches hold up to extended wear or constant activity, they are a favourite among men. They have several lines that gear toward men, including their Scuba line, which many consider one of the top diving watches, perfect for any outdoor enthusiast. Additionally, for men who always need to know what time it is but hate wearing something on their wrist, their Skin line is a great option. This line is extremely thin, perfect for those that need a watch but don’t like a lot of flair and want something lightweight. Many men’s Swatch watch styles come in subtle colour schemes including black, blue, brown, and green. However, they still offer fun, colourful options for the man that likes a pop of colour or to show off their personality through loud accessories.

Women’s Swatch Watches

Women’s Swatch watches are made to appeal to what women like and desire in a wristwatch. These watches are a bit smaller in design and the actual watch face, as women’s wrists are smaller than men’s. The styles of these watches also gear toward women’s tastes and style trends. Swatch’s Bijou line directs toward any woman who loves all things glamorous. Designed specifically with Swarovski crystals, these watches are not only beautiful but still reasonably priced so that women from all backgrounds can enjoy this watch.

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