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Got one to sell?

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A trendy backyard idea

Everyone seems to have a swimming pool these days but what about a swim spa? Be the latest trend on your street and install a backyard swim spa.

Swim spas and swimming pools

If you are deciding how to fill your backyard, a swim spa may be an optimal solution. So what is a swim spa? And how is it different from a swimming pool or a spa bath? The swim spa is essentially a combination of the best features of a swimming pool and a spa bath. But unlike a swimming pool, the swim spa allows you to swim continuously against the water current and you can still use the swim spa to relax and have some fun.

The swim spa comes in many different sizes and configurations. In fact, some swim spas separate the swimming area from the spa bath. When you can have both a swimming pool and a spa bath together, why would you want anything less?

Similar to a swimming pool, you can choose an inground or above ground swim spa. There are some hip designs available on eBay. Remember to check out the inclusions that come with the swim spa as some swim spas include the in ground installation and may even throw in some LED lights. Your party needs will immediately be covered!

If you already have a backyard pool, you may want to look at a spa bath or a sauna to complete your backyard recreation centre.


As to installation of the swim spa, make sure you check whether your property can fit a crane. Otherwise, you may need to look at an alternative delivery method. As you can appreciate, installing anything in your backyard can be an arduous task and requires careful planning. eBay allows you to speak with the seller and iron out any details before making your purchase. Use this to your advantage and clear any doubts, the right swim spa will be worth your while.

Take a look on eBay today and find a swim spa for you and your family!

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