SylvaC Pottery & Porcelain

SylvaC Pottery and Porcelain   

Antique and vintage, SylvaC porcelain and SylvaC pottery was made during the 20th century, from the 1930’s through the early 1980’s. Today, the pieces are considered collector’s items and are a joy to feature as an object d’art in your china cabinet.   

SylvaC Figurines    

Figurines were perhaps the most famous of the SylvaC pottery. You may see cute and cuddly animals, such as dogs and rabbits, in pastel colours that are perfect for holidays such as Easter. Look for simple figurines that easily blend in as a part of your table ensemble or larger ones that do well on a mantle or shelf.    

SylvaC Decorative Tableware   

SylvaC also made many decorative bowls and tableware throughout their tenure. These ceramic bowls can be used for items such as salt and sugar, but also do well unused and as a conversation starter. Porcelain bowls look similar in colour to the Sylvac figurines, with light pastel hues in colours of green, yellow, pink and blue.   

SylvaC Sets   

Many Sylvac pieces came as sets, so today you may find several bunny rabbit figurines in a set, or a tableware set complete with a decorative bowl and figurine.