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TAG Heuer has been a name renowned for revolutionising watchmaking and linking sports with time in an elegant design for the last 150 years. These luxury timepieces have been a favourite amongst sports stars and are closely related to the world of motor racing. Whether you’re male or female, sports star or not, the luxury of wearing a TAG on your wrist is simply irresistible when it’s an affordable price compared to some of its competitors. Shop the collection of TAG Heuer on eBay today. 

TAG Heuer set the standard for precision timepieces when Edouard Heuer founded the company in 1860. Building a reputation on quality craftsmanship and technical innovations such as the patented oscillation pinion in pocket watches and stopwatches, this simplified the chronograph and is still used by manufacturers today in more modern watches. This paired with more technical innovations has led TAG to become the specialist in timing sporting events. From timing the Olympic Games during the 1920s to creating the first dashboard stopwatch for race cars, TAG is synonymous in the sporting world. 

Today, TAG Heuer wristwatches are a favourite amongst celebrities and endorsed by major sporting events. Steve McQueen made the Monaco wristwatch or the ‘McQueen Monaco’ as it is now known an icon after it was seen on his wrist in film ‘Le Mans’. This catapulted the brand to fame and made the watches even more desirable. Now, there are hundreds of styles and designs to suit everyone, whether it’s a steel and gold Carrera for men or a diamond dial Aquaracer for the ladies. 

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