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Got one to sell?

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Blank CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs are the perfect storage media for gathering your documents, photos, music and other important files that you want to back up or copy for a friend. Compact discs or CDs are the simplest forms of storage media. While they do not accommodate as much data as DVDs or Blu-ray discs, they have their benefits, such as cheaper price. Japanese electronic components manufacturer TDK offers CD-R discs with many useful features.

Benefits of CD-R Discs

CD-R discs are simple media carriers that can store 700 MB of data or 74 to 99 minutes of music. At a first glance, this might seem as a drawback, but there are reasons to prefer these discs. In a way, CD-Rs are more versatile than DVD-Rs and TDK Blu-ray BD-R discs. You can burn your CD-R in a DVD writer as well, but you cannot use a CD-only writer for DVDs. Car stereos can read CD-R discs, so you can enjoy music while driving, but they typically do not read the DVDs.

TDK Printable CD-Rs

With dedicated TDK printable CD-Rs, you can add personalised text and graphics straight onto your CD. Choose the TDK CD-R80 Inkjet Printable disc for this purpose. Obviously, you also need an inkjet printer that has an integrated disc printing function. If you choose to print directly onto the disc, you do not need to attach a label to it and thus minimise the risk of it getting stuck in the player or in a CD drive.

TDK Lightscribe CD-Rs

The Lightscribe CD-R discs are for Lightscribe CD burners that can transfer graphics straight onto the disc. Once you have finished saving your data onto the disc, you simply need to flip it over and add the design to the other side. In such a case, you do not require a separate printer or a special pen.

TDK Life on Record CD-Rs

The TDK Life on Record CD-R discs allow you to write your data once onto the disc, just like all other CD-Rs. The recording speed is up to 52x. You can choose a simple CD-R80 disc or opt for a colourful design by selecting the CD-R80 Colour. The TDK High Capacity Recordable allows you to store a bit more data, namely, 800 MB, while its recording speeds are up to 40x.

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