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Got one to sell?

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Blank CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs are perfect storage media for your documents, music, photos and other files if you need to transfer any data or simply want to back it up. The DVDs are your best option if you need to save videos and want to play them in a DVD player, either in your car or at home. The Japanese company TDK is famous for its electronic components and offers several DVD-R options for you to enjoy and use.

DVD-R Format

The abbreviation DVD could mean either "digital video disc" or "digital versatile disc." Mostly, people use such discs to record videos and films, but you could use the ample storage space for large documents and high-quality photographs as well. The DVD-R is a recordable format, which allows you to store your data only once. After the initial recording, the data becomes permanent. You cannot erase or rewrite it. Two additional standards for DVD-Rs also exist, namely DVD-RA for authoring and DVD-RG for general use, but you probably only come across with the former.

TDK Life on Record DVD-Rs

The TDK Life on Record DVD-R discs are the simplest and most standard option to choose. The write once DVD-R media comes with the standard DVD capacity of 4.7 GB. This translates into up to six hours of digitally recorded video, depending on its quality. The recording speed for these discs reaches from 1x up to 16x.

TDK DVD-R Dual-Layer

The dual layer technology that some of the TDK discs use increases the storage capacity of the DVDs. Thanks to this addition, a single-sided disc features two individual recordable layers, thus doubling the capacity. Such TDK discs accommodate up to 8.5 GB, while their recording speeds are up to 8x.

TDK Photo Inkjet Printable DVD-Rs

TDK also produces special DVD-Rs as well as CD-Rs that allow you to print directly onto them. If you have an inkjet printer with an integrated disc printing function, you can design your DVD professionally and make it look exceptionally good. You can print onto the disc surface, so there is no need to attach a sticky label or mess around with pens. The printed area reaches up to the 23 mm inner ring, so you get the maximum surface for printing.

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