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TI-84 Plus Calculators

Don't overwhelm yourself when looking for school calculators. Go with a name that you can trust and a calculator that performs all the necessary functions to pass the class. When it comes to graphing calculators the TI-84 Plus line of Texas Instruments calculators has approval for use on the ACT, PSAT, and SAT college entrance exams.


The TI-84 Plus features an 8-line by 16-character display with 480 KB ROM memory and 24 KB of available RAM. What's more, it uses four AAA batteries and a lithium battery backup as a way to protect the RAM during battery charges.

Programming and Connectivity

Supported programming includes TI Basic and ASM. The available memory is the only element that limits the number of programmes. Use the USB cable and TI Connect CE software, and stay up-to-date on functionality and software applications. It's easy to transfer to and from your computer or laptop via the USB cord.


Math class can seem overwhelming, especially when dealing with real and complex numbers. However, with a TI calculator in your backpack, you're ready to tackle the challenge. The TI-84 Plus can graph six parametric expressions, ten rectangular functions, six polar expressions and three recursively-defined sequences. Plus, it has the ability for up to ten graphing functions to save, graph, define and analyse at the same time. To differentiate between the charts, there are seven different styles pre-programmed on the calculator.

Add Apps

In a world full of technology, apps have become the norm. To extend the functionality of the calculator and allow pupils to have a deeper understanding of concepts, several pre-programmed applications come standard. For example, App4Math enables students to enter the math problem the exact way it is in the textbook, which reinforces math notations. With the Area Formulas app, teenagers can practise applying formulas and calculations for given shapes. It's not a cheat tool; it's a learning tool.

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