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TV Wall Mounts

Today's flat screen TVs are versatile pieces of tech, and one way to enjoy watching television without taking up any space is by mounting your TV on the wall. This keeps the TV at just the right viewing level, and you don't have to worry about having a TV stand or media centre to accommodate the TV. TV wall mounts come in a variety of sizes and types to fit all types of TVs, and installing mounts is easy. Mounts offer multiple features to enhance your viewing experience.


You can purchase TV wall mounts and brackets based on several factors. One is the size of your TV. Though some mounts fit a range of sizes, such as 10-inch TVs up to 30-inch models, many generally fit TVs in the 26 to 55-inch range. Most mounts come with the included hardware required to install them. Ensure you check the dimensions of your TV as well as where you'll place it before you settle on the right mount for you.


When it comes to TV wall mounts and brackets there are many options, including unbranded models. However, you may come across some branded mounts and TV wall brackets, including options from Atdec, Brateck and OmniMount. Though specific brands may promise added features or a higher level of quality, the most important consideration to make when you buy TV mounts is to ensure the mount you purchase is compatible with your brand and type of TV. For instance, if you have a Panasonic plasma set, make sure the mount you pick is compatible with that brand and type of TV.


Though mounts have a singular purpose, there are mounts that offer a variety of features. Choose tilt and swivel TV wall mounts for a more customisable experience. These mounts let you adjust your set as you desire for the most personalised viewing experience. There are also fixed mounts, which place your TV flush against the wall and offer no adjustments. Another type of mount to consider is a tilting mount which doesn't swivel, but gives you the ability to tilt your TV up or down. A full-motion mount stands out from the wall via an extendable arm, and lets you have complete control over which direction your TV faces as well as the tilt adjustment. Full-motion mounts have the most versatile movement of any mount type.

Buying TV Wall Mounts

Before you purchase a wall mount, make sure you're armed with information. You need to know the exact size of your screen, what type of TV you have and the brand name. Then, you'll need to think about how much tilt you require and whether or not you want a full-motion mount. Set a budget for yourself so you stay within your price range. Opt for generic or branded mounts as you desire. Once you find a mount, make sure it comes with the hardware you need and ensure you have the tools on hand to properly install the mount.

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