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Tablet and eBook Wall Mounts

Tablet and eBook wall mounts make viewing and using these devices much easier. There are many situations when people need the aid of their tablets but do not have an extra hand to devote to holding it. There are many things to consider when looking for tablet and eBook mounts, stands, and holders, including what they will be used for, the stand or mount features, and its size.


The tablet and eBook holder is going to vary based on its purpose. For someone who uses a tablet when cooking, using a wall mount or magnetic mount is a good idea, because keeping it off the counter is not just a space saver; it also keeps the tablet away from food and spill related messes. Likewise, a person wanting to read in bed and not hold up their tablet or eReader would want a floor or wall mounted stand with a flexible arm. Many people also use tablet and eBook mounts, stands, and holders to aid in driving or to entertain kids in the car, at their desks, and in the bathroom while taking a bath or getting ready.


Some holders fit flat against a surface, while others have an arm that allows for some movement. Depending on your needs, one may be a better match than the other. Mounts use various methods to stay in place. For example, some use magnets, Velcro, and suction. Others adhere to the wall.


Having a good fit is incredibly important because it saves the tablet from damage. An incorrect fit can have an unsteady hold, causing the tablet or eBook to fall and break. While some mounts are for certain models of tablets and eBooks, it is important to check the dimensions, when appropriate.


Tablet and eBook mounts, stands, and holders can be as discreet as a patch of Velcro adhesive and as bold as a floor stand that resembles a sheet music stand. Magnetic holders are a good option for the kitchen, since most refrigerators are magnetic, while a mount or stand with an adjustable arm is good for use in bed. Tablet and eBook suction mounts for cars and desktops are likely the most universal, as they can adhere to most flat surfaces and can move easily. They do not require the use of tools to mount, and there is no associated damage to walls. A good option for car entertainment is to use a tablet or eBook car headrest mount.

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