Tactical Camping & Hiking Flashlights

Tactical Camping and Hiking Flashlights

Meant for high-performance use, tactical camping and hiking flashlights light your way in the dark. Easy to use and filled with features, camping and hiking flashlights are an asset to any outdoor adventure. Not just your average flashlight, these sturdy flashlights give you bright light when you need it and make a powerful camping companion. Choose from a range of brands and features to find the perfect flashlight for your tactical needs.


Many well-known sporting goods brands make camping flashlights. Some familiar ones include Cree, Black Diamond and Streamlight. Pick up one of the most popular flashlights on the market from MagLite, known for their durability and selection. Also called torches, hiking flashlights from brands like Olight are not only powerful and portable, but provide light in the most efficient way possible, giving you long-lasting light thats there when you need it.


Tactical camping and hiking flashlights with adjustable focus are just one feature to look for when youre shopping for flashlights. A model with an extended reach lets you customise the light to delve deeper into the dark or into big spaces, while waterproof torches wont ruin when it rains. Pick a model with multiple modes depending on the conditions youre facing, and select an impact-resistant flashlight to ensure durability. Lightweight materials, such as aluminium, are easy to hold yet rugged while a self-defence flashlight armed with attack features does double duty as a security precaution when youre wandering in the dark and youre not sure whats out there.


There are a different types of flashlights, so you may want to consider power as a factor in your decision. Battery-powered flashlights have their advantages, but you have to carry spare batteries with you at all times should you need them. Rechargeable torches powered by Li-on batteries give you hours of power, but you must recharge them after use. Some models recharge via USB for added convenience. Either way, youll want to carry backup batteries and chargers to stay prepared when youre outdoors.


Though the most obvious use for high-powered flashlights is camping, there are many other ways youll use these powerful lamps. Sportsmen use flashlights for night fishing, while police officers or firemen use them for search and rescue efforts. Carry one in your car for emergencies, such as a flat tyre or an accident, and have one on hand if you work overnight and need some extra light for construction work or other types of situations. Walking alone at night can be dangerous, and carrying a bright flashlight can deter criminals or thieves, which makes these useful for everyday life.