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Ford Ranger tailgates and more!

The Ford Ranger is widely known as one of Australia’s favourite work vehicles. The dual-cab vehicle is tough, powerful and has seemingly replaced traditional utes as the preferred style of work vehicles for tradies and many others around the country. If you need tailgates and struts for the Ford Ranger, look no further than eBay.


Different tailgate products available

There is a massive range of tailgate and liftgate products available for the Ford Ranger. The most common ones are gas struts for your tailgate, and these are a valuable investment. Gas struts wear out over time, and leads to your tailgate dropping at pace, putting significant strain on the mechanism. Here are some of the tailgate products you can buy on eBay:


  • Gas strut replacements
  • Slow-down and easy-up struts
  • Complete tailgates
  • Strut kits (including bonnet struts)
  • Tailgate support straps
  • Tailgate seal kits


All of these products are readily available, so start shopping today!


Prevent unnecessary damage

A Ford Ranger is a considerable investment, considering it’s not a cheap vehicle to buy. Even second-hand Rangers still cost a decent amount, so if you’ve got one, you want to look after it. If you use the car for work, as many people do, it’s common for you to be dropping and lifting the tailgate numerous times a day. If you’re not careful, it can be damaged easily with constant slamming.


That’s why so many people invest in slow-down and easy-up struts for their tailgate. These gas strut kits aren’t very expensive, but they can prevent a lot of damage to your tailgate. Constant opening, dropping, and slamming shut can cause costly repairs, so get yourself a slow-down strut kit and avoid those unnecessary repairs.


Other Ford Ranger parts

Want to add even more protection to your Ford Ranger? Well, it’s easy with eBay because there are just so many different parts and accessories available, including:



If you want to upgrade your Ford Ranger, look no further than the massive online marketplace that is eBay!