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Tamiya RC Model Vehicle and Kits

Demonstrate your ripper racing skills when the rubber hits the road with Tamiya RC model vehicles and kits. Founded by Mr. Yoshio Tamiya in 1948 in Japan, the global company Tamiya prides itself on crafting realistic and highly-detailed racing model kits, radio-controlled vehicles, educational models, tools, and other supplies. Modelled after full-size vehicles to the scale of 1/10, 1/12, 1/14, 1/24, and even 1/150, the vehicles range from large to tiny in size.

Fuel Type

Model vehicles that use electric energy to run, such as rechargeable batteries, are low maintenance, but do not run as fast as the nitro-powered models. Stoked up on nitro and glow, the other high-maintenance models easily run rings round their battery-powered counterparts.


Tamiya vehicles, such as the Tamiya RC model cars and motorcycles have a solid construction that lasts for many years because of top-quality material, such as shatter-resistant ABS plastic, diecast metal, carbon fibre, and rubber, or a combination of all.

Model Grade

RC model vehicles are of two different types: the toy grade and the hobby grade. If you just want something for fun and racing that is easy on the pocket and does not require fixing up with spare parts, go for the toy-grade models. On the other hand, the hobby RC model vehicles and kits cost a lot more, are for the serious racer or collector who takes great pride in taking apart a model, assembling it, and fixing or replacing broken parts.

Required Assembly

Give your impatient grandson one of the Ready to Go or Ready to Run Tamiya RC model industrial vehicles and trucks that comes pre-assembled with everything, so he can start racing it the minute it's out of the box. Some hobby models come in the almost-ready state so they could do with additional accessories and work before they're ready, while the unassembled kits are the most satisfying for the more skilled grandchildren who want to build it all from scratch.