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Tattoo Needles Grips Tips

As you get further into your tattooing career, you may want to expand your arsenal of tattoo needles to be able to achieve various inking effects and styles for your customers. Furthermore, most seasoned tattoo artists have multiple guns that they use in which they need special grips as well as additional needles to add onto the gun. There are a wide range of tattoo body art supplies available for an artist to collect. It is dependent upon the work that they do, as to what tools they specifically need.

Tattoo Needles

Besides the actual gun, the tattoo needles are one of the most important item to have for a tattoo artist as they can utilise specific needles to get the look and styling they need for their customers. There are a wide variety of tattoo needles available to choose from that range in sizing and groupings. There are three basic types of tattoo needles including round tattoo needles, flat tattoo needles and magnum tattoo needles. Round needles consist of a grouping of needles form together around a central shaft in a round pattern. You can use these for either shading or lining. Flat tattoo needles are a grouping of needles form into a straight line, attaching to a needle bar. These are the most popular for lining since they can deliver a good amount of ink to the skin. Magnum needles are mostly for shading, as they deliver the most ink to the skin, which helps in not having to go over your work multiple times.

Tattoo Grips

Tattoo grips are an important aspect of the tattoo needle and gun. They allow the artist to comfortably grip the gun while completing their work. Grips can range in style from decorative pieces that show off your personality to practical ones that are usually rubber or silicone to help you grip the gun. They can also combine f you don’t want to compromise on style but still need the cushioning.

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