Making Sure Your Business's Tattoo Needles Are On Point

Running a tattoo business can be a lot of fun, allowing you to give people the tattoos they've always dreamed of. In order for your clients to live out their tatted dreams, you have to make sure that you purchase the right tattoo needles for sale. Following are some tips to keep in mind when you're looking for eBay tattoo needles.

Which tattoo gun needles are ideal for making lines?

Round liner needles are the needles frequently used for making lines. If the design you're working on requires extremely fine detail, you'll need to work with tattoo needles called super fine liners. Make sure that you have a number of these on hand for the most complex designs.

What types of needles are there?

There are tons of different needle styles available, but you'll find that most of them fall under the following categories.

  • Flat Tattoo Needles: These noodles are set in a straight line and are often used to shade in geometric shapes on a design. Artists like them because they allow them to fill in a large area in one pass.
  • Magnum Tattoo Needles: Magnum tattoo needles are the needles that are the most frequently used for shading work. Their longer tapers usually deliver much more colour than the amount of colour that comes from round shaders.
  • Round Tattoo Needles: These needles are used for both lining and shading. They're soldered closely together in a tight, round pattern, making them ideal for complex, technical work.
Characteristics of good tattoo needles

Ensuring that you have a good set of tattoo needles makes it easy for you to tackle any design. While you may be looking for cheap tattoo needles to save money, you shouldn't skimp when it comes to the following:

  • Make sure that the needles are perfectly straight, extremely sharp, and unbent. Dull, misshapen needles can damage a client's skin.
  • Buy needles that are pre-sterilized in order to save time having to sterilize them yourself. Pre-sterilized needles are clearly labeled with their lot numbers and expiration dates, and they come individually packed.
  • Ensure that your needles are soldered together properly without any loose bits hanging loose. This will help prevent them from coming off during a session.
  • Check that the needles that you're ordering work with the gear and machines that you have. If you're in doubt, check with the seller.