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Tattoo Supplies

When entering into the business of creating tattoos for customers, it is important to be stocked up on all the essential items. Besides tattoo guns and inks, there are many other supplies needed in order to perform this type of work and maintain a safe and sanitary workplace. There are a wide range of tattoo and body art supplies available to give new and seasoned tattoo artists everything they need to create beautiful artwork.

Tattoo Gun Tattoo Supplies

Tattoo machines and guns are some of the primary tools of the trade for any tattoo artist, so choosing the right equipment is vital. The primary types of tattoo guns include those for shading and detail work, like outlining. Some artists prefer to use one tattoo gun for tattooing in grey and black and a second gun for colour shading. Tattoo guns come in steel, aluminium, iron and copper body varieties.

Sanitising Tattoo Supplies

Every tattoo artist needs to have tattoo and body art supplies that include supplies for disinfecting equipment as well as a stock of medical supplies to prevent the spread of infections caused by germs and bacteria. A few of the sanitising tattoo supplies include topical antiseptic, surface disinfectant, latex gloves, waste disposal bins, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, germicides, needle trays, autoclave supplies and green soap.

Tattoo Needle Supplies

Tattoo needles, grips and tips are important supplies for tattoo artists. Some of the tattoo needle supplies necessary for this type of work include grips to prevent fingers from cramping, as well as soldering tools and stainless solder for fusing and attaching needles to bars. Additional supplies include sharps bins, needles, needle bars, tubes, tweezers, silicone nipples as well as a jig for bars and needles.

Tattoo Art Supplies

Other tattoo and body art supplies are also available for the artist and client. Tattoo aftercare kits for the client give the tattoo recipient items like lotion and ointments to help keep the tattoo colours alive and vibrant while minimising skin discomfort. Art supplies for the tattoo artist include a thermal copier for transferring art designs to skin surfaces, flash sheets with tattoo art designs, ink bottles, tattoo inks, cup holders and ink caps.

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