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Temporary Tattoos

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Tattoos and Body Art Supplies

When it comes to decorative body supplies, there are several categories of items you can buy to help accent and complete your look. For those not quite ready to take the tattoo plunge, or for younger children, temporary tattoos are a great idea. If you entertain at children’s parties or simply like to make a little magic at home, these fake tattoos work well, along with face painting kits and body glitter. For professionals in the tattoo industry, keeping well-stocked with accessories and supplies is a must. Look for piercing accompaniments, tattoo ink and guns to help keep your shop running successfully.

Temporary Tattoos

Everyone from 1 to 101 loves a temprary tattoo. These fun and playful tattoos typically come on a piece of paper, like a sticker, and are easily applied to the face or to other parts of the body. A novel idea for grab bags at parties, temporary tattoos also make great small shower gifts or stocking stuffers. Look for a whole line of different characters and motifs that children and teenagers are sure to love.

Face Paint and Glitter

It’s always fun to sparkle a little bit, so consider face glitter or face painting accessories. Kids love to be transformed into a favourite character or idea with a little face paint, and body glitter is fun for those of all ages. Use a little for a costume, pretend party, or use a little bit of glitter for Halloween or out on the town.

Piercing Supplies

Whether you own a shop or want a few more pieces of jewellery in your ensemble, there are many types of body piercing supplies on hand. Look for replacement barbells for existing piercings, or professionals can opt for ear piercing guns, threads and needles for piercing, sterilisation accessories and other needs.

Tattoo Guns and Ink

The formal tattoo shop needs supplies as well, so choose from a wide selection of different types of tattoo ink colours, guns and other supplies. Made for the professional or for the experienced tattoo enthusiast, having everything on hand, from ink to sterilisation supplies, is a must to succeed in the tattoo business.