Teleconverter Camera Lenses for Fujifilm

Get a closer look with teleconverter camera lenses for FUJIFILM cameras

Having the right lenses can be one of the quickest ways to take your picture-taking skills to the next level.

An extender or teleconverter is a gadget that you can fit in between your camera body and the lens to magnify the image created by the lens. The teleconverter is a great solution that allows you to get as close as possible to each subject simply by using your lens.

While they can affect the maximum aperture of your lens as well as your photos’ overall optical quality, teleconverters have taken on new roles with wildlife photography and long-range sports shots. A dedicated and high-quality teleconverter camera lens can massively increase a telephoto lens’ reach and save the added expense and extra weight of carrying larger and longer telephoto lenses.

eBay can help you add one of these great pieces to your camera bag, giving your FUJIFILM camera another great accessory with which to shoot.

FUJIFILM XF 1.4x TC WR Teleconverter lenses

This high-performance teleconverter is adept at multiplying focal lengths by 1.4x for mounted lenses. Despite the aperture becoming one f-stop higher when it is mounted, these teleconverters feature an exceptional optical construction which has been designed to maintain optical performance of original lenses.

FUJIFILM XF 2x TC WR Teleconverter lenses

Double the reach of all your XF lenses with this 2x TC WR Teleconverter made by FUJIFILM. The X mount converter allows for 2x image magnification while still retaining full communication between both the lens and the camera body. This means autofocus, metering and image stabilisation are all still fully enabled, as well as transmission of all Exif data.

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