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Got one to sell?

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Whether you're celebrating a special event or milestone in your life, or you're simply looking to explore your creativity while flaunting your unique personality, a henna tattoo can be the perfect way to adorn your body in a safe - and semi-permanent - way. And with eBay's excellent range of henna tattoo kits, you don't even need to leave the comfort of your home to explore the different options available to you.

Exploring Henna Tattoo Kit Options

Made using a paste from the henna plant, henna has been used on the skin and hair for hundreds of years. When it comes to henna tattooing, the paste is used to decorate the body in intricate designs, and then left to dry. This forms a stain on the skin, which can range from orange, to a deep, dark red or brown. When buying a henna tattoo kit, you will usually find all the materials you need are included in the box. However, the actual ingredients of any henna product will often depend on the brand, so always check the listing for this information.

Enjoy Great Results from your Henna Tattoo Kit

For a dark and long-lasting stain, try to leave the paste on to dry overnight. It will flake off as you sleep, so it can be a good idea to put down a towel, or use old sheets to sleep on. The tattoo should then last anywhere between one week and several weeks, depending on a range of factors. These can include how long the henna was given to dry, the condition of your skin, how pale you are, how often you wash the area of skin featuring the henna design, and the warmth of your body.

Love henna? Take a look at eBay's awesome range of henna products to find everything from henna paste powder and henna hair colouring, to of course, henna tattoo kits. eBay is your one-stop-shop for all your natural henna dyeing needs!

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