Tennis Racquets

A quality tennis racquet is essential for getting good results in a tennis match, whether you are a beginner or a pro. There are multiple key factors to consider before choosing your next on-court weapon, with head size, length, brand, grip, and weight being just some of them. If you intend to play tennis frequently, investing in the right tennis racquet is worth it.


The main categories of tennis racquets are improver racquets, which are suitable for recreational players and improvers who are new to the game or returning after a long break; intermediate options for club-standard players; and advanced models for tournament players. Choose one that suits your current level of skill for best results.

Size and Weight

You need to be able to handle your tennis racquet comfortably, so opt for one with a head size between 95 to 110 for enhanced manoeuvrability. In terms of weight, a tennis racquet is considered light if it weighs around 310 grams or less. Remember that tennis racquet stringsadd around 30 grams to the total weight. Anti-vibration devices can also add to the overall weight, but only be a few grams.


Tennis racquets come with a wide range of grips, which refer to the circumference of the handle. It's important to choose one with the correct size grip to prevent injury, as one too large may strain your wrist and hand muscles.


Finally, you are going to need tennis racquet covers to protect your investment and carry your gear easily to the court. Other accessories are available as well, in the form of vibration dampeners, finishing trim tape, and racquet heads to personalise your equipment.