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Thank you stickers

A unique way to say 'thank you'

These stickers are a thoughtful gesture to attach to a note to show your appreciation. Whether you have received a gift for a birthday, engagement, wedding or purely want to show your gratitude, these stickers are available in generic 'thank-you' messages, or personalised versions. With an adhesive back which allows them to be attached to different surfaces, such as notes, envelopes or flower vases.

What style of stickers are available?

You can find gift labels which are round, heart shaped, frame style and with different colours available, utilising different fonts and themes. Dependent upon the event that you want to show your appreciation for, will determine the type of sticker that you could choose. You can find stickers tailored towards children's birthday parties, one way to use these stickers could be to attach these stickers to 'party bags' with children's names on, or to a note saying 'thank-you' for attending the party. Alternatively, you can find stickers which are 'love theme' which are great for to attach to a thank-you card for guests of couples who have recently attended an engagement or wedding party.

Don't lose the human touch

Thanks to technology, we rarely find ourselves having to physically write letters or notes, instead tapping on the keyboard and sending an email is more efficient. Using a pen to paper can be a way of showing your sincerity and heart felt 'thankfulness', on eBay you can find a wide range of stationery sets to construct letters upon. You can find vintage style note paper to cartoon theme and specific event tailored paper, perfect for attaching your 'thank-you' stickers to.

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