Collect and Build the Ultimate Marvel Villain With a LEGO Thanos Minifigure

With well over a decade of movies and hundreds of comic books, one of the most powerful villains in Marvel continues to be Thanos. With a massive collection of Marvel LEGO sets available, the Thanos minifigure is among many of the characters available in LEGO form on eBay. Learn about the sets he is featured in, various accessories, and ways to add him to your collection.

What LEGO sets is a Thanos minifigure included in?

A Thanos LEGO figure may be purchased on its own on eBay, but the character also comes packaged with a variety of LEGO sets. The LEGO Marvel Superheroes Compound Battle Set includes a LEGO Thanos figure. The figure is based on the Thanos appearance in "Avengers: Endgame." The LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Thanos: Ultimate Battle Infinity War LEGO sets also feature a Thanos minifigure. He features oversized arms and his signature gold armor worn in the movies and the comic books. The Thanos LEGO figures typically feature him in a larger scale like The Incredible Hulk, but the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Mighty Micros Iron Man vs. Thanos features a Thanos on the same scale as standard minifigures. This figure makes it easier to mix and match Thanos parts with other new or preowned LEGO "Infinity War" figures.

The LEGO Infinity Gauntlet

One of the signature parts of the Thanos minifigure is the Infinity Gauntlet it comes with. The gauntlet is a signature weapon from the Avengers movies and is known for holding the six Infinity Stones. Not only does the gauntlet fit on the hand of Thanos but it comes with removable stones. The removable stones make it easy to build the gauntlet and role-play plots from the film. There are also a variety of LEGO custom Thanos parts available for sale, including custom-made Infinity Gauntlets. The Gauntlets come in a variety of sizes, and some have their own display stands for when they are not used with Thanos.

What types of weapons does LEGO Thanos come with?

Along with the Infinity Gauntlet, a Thanos LEGO toy comes with other weapon accessories. The Iron Man vs. Thanos LEGO set features a Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet-style car that can smash into enemies. A number of the Thanos toys include a double-sided battle-ax. The battle-ax was his signature weapon for multiple movies, including "Avengers: Endgame." The battle-ax comes in multiple parts so people can put it together for themselves and assemble it in various ways.