For any serious fitness regime you need to incorporate the use of Theraband equipment and resistance bands.

In the age of personal trainers and gym-class workouts, there is a good chance you have used a Theraband product. Designed for stretching and low-impact strength training workouts, Theraband is the pioneer of elastic resistance products. Their resistance range provides users with colour-coded progressive resistance to help stay on track with your exercise program.

While Thermaband invented and pioneered the use of elastic resistance products over 40 years ago, they now have a comprehensive range of fitness products. Their range has grown to include tubing, band loops, latex-free options, and now the revolutionary CLX Consecutive Loops.

While Theraband products are often used in Pilates and yoga as a means of isolating muscle groups, it can be used in a rehabilitation capacity or to improve strength and target specific issues. 

The reason the use of Theraband is so effective is that resistance training makes your muscles work against a weight or force resulting in increased muscle strength. While resistance training can include using free weights, Theraband resistance bands are low-impact and can work using just your own body weight. They are also ideal to aid in stretching down after an intense workout or high-intensity activity like running or team sports.

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