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Thermal Socks

If you enjoy going camping or hiking in the winter months, having a good pair of thermal socks should always be a key part of your packing list. Keeping your feet warm is essential for overall health and for ensuring that your feet stay comfortable even if the temperature is well below zero.

Why is it Important to Keep Your Feet Warm?

Keeping your feet warm in wintertime or in cold environments is important for a number of reasons:

  • Overall body warmth: Our feet and fingers are the first parts of our body to get cold, so keeping them warm with insulated socks helps with your overall body heat.
  • To prevent frostbite: Spending time in freezing conditions can lead to frostbite due to poor circulation. If your feet are not warm inside a good pair of thermal socks then you could be at risk.
  • Immune system health: People with cold feet are more likely to have a weaker immune system because of reduced blood flow. Winter socks can help to increase circulation.

What Materials Should I Be Looking For?

You should always avoid cotton when it comes to finding winter socks. Some of the best materials that you should look for are:

  • Merino: Merino wool socks provide a high level of thermal protection and are able to wick moisture and let your feet breathe. Often, merino mixes with a synthetic fabric so they last longer with the constant friction inside your hiking shoes or boots.
  • Fleece: Fleece lined winter socks can give a lot of warmth but will not let your feet breathe as well as other wool.
  • Synthetic materials: Materials like nylon with elastane or lycra can give extra cushioning and support in your thermal socks. Polyester and acrylic help with wicking moisture away when your feet become sweaty.

Are There Any Battery Heated Socks?

A great new product on the market is battery heated socks and are a great way to keep your feet toasty warm in even the coldest of temperatures. You can charge these socks while out camping or hiking with batteries and they will give you between 5 and 9 hours of warmth depending on which setting you choose. These are ideal for people who really feel the cold in their toes.

You can also find heat holder socks, which create warm air pockets between your feet and the sock for lasting warmth. These do not use batteries.

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