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Tiffany & Co. Fine Necklaces and Pendants

Tiffany & Co. Fine Necklaces and Pendants

Tiffany & Co. is known for making fine jewellery that is luxurious and exquisitely crafted by top jewellery designers. Tiffany and Co. jewellery is made to the most exacting standards so it is no surprise that products like the Tiffany and Co. necklace are popular choices for any gift-giving occasion.


Tiffany & Co. 18-carat fine jewellery is some of the most popular available. However, fine jewellery choices come in a wide array of styles to fit any mood or personal taste. Shoppers can choose from whimsical necklace designs found in models, like the Tiffany Wheels Colour Charms Tag, or take a more romantic approach for gift-giving by investing in an Elsa Perretti Open Heart pendant and necklace combination. These two options are just a couple of the styles available in the infinite collection of fine necklaces and pendants that Tiffany jewellery has to offer shoppers.

Brilliant Metals

Lustrous chains and pendants are symbolic of Tiffany & Co. fine necklaces and pendants. Platinum metals are ideal choices for those who are seeking necklaces and pendants that are eye-catching. Other brilliant metal choices include gold, white gold, rose gold, stainless-steel and titanium, among others. Most necklace and pendant combinations come in matching metal choices. However, it is still possible to find mixed metal combinations that give Tiffany & Co. diamond jewellery due to the gleaming qualities this gemstone is famous for providing the wearer. Gemstones can take front and centre as a main stone or mix up the look with secondary stones, like rubies or sapphires and other gemstones for more colour and brilliance.

Necklace and Pendant Sets

One of the most pleasing aspects of Tiffany jewellery is the ability of the shopper to mix and match necklaces with pendants. There are many necklace and pendant sets that come in pre-designed styles, and there are individual jewellery pieces available that allow people to create combinations that are even more personal. Tiffany necklace and pendant sets are often available in collections that include earrings or bracelets for those who want to take advantage of having a matching jewellery look that goes with any attire.