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Tiffany Lamp

There's something mesmerising about the legendary look of a Tiffany lamp. Crafted with colourful stained glass, these lamps make beautiful conversation pieces, and when the light filters through the glass, they create a stunning piece that works in any room of your home. Available in a variety of styles and designs, Tiffany lamps add a vintage look to your space that never goes out of style.

Lamp Types

If you're considering accessorising your home with the warm glow of a detailed and delicate Tiffany lamp, there are several factors to weigh. The right lamp type depends on your specific lighting needs and the space you have available for the lamp. Choose branded or unbranded lamps depending on lamp style, such as desk lamps or floor lamps. Table lamps sit atop a table and don't take up much space, whereas floor lamps, or standing lamps, are generally taller and require more room. There are even Tiffany-style pendant lamps which hang over a table for maximum effect.


What makes each Tiffany lamp different from others is the style of the lamp. Since many lamps feature a retro-inspired design, they fall into different categories, including Art Deco, which have a more modern, artistic vibe or Moroccan styles, which feature Turkish glass in a mosaic design. Modern Tiffany lamps have a contemporary look featuring patterns or floral designs with an updated feel, while vintage Tiffany lamps bring back the look of days gone by with antique-inspired looks. Select a lamp with a romantic design featuring roses or other delicate floral patterns.


Though some lamps offer stained glass pieces that simply fit together, many Tiffany lamps form images, patterns or designs. One of the most popular designs features flowers, including tulips, roses or lilies complete with stems and leaves. Look closely to see a dragonfly image in some lampshades, or select a simple fish scale pattern for an eye-catching look. Other designs include colourful hummingbirds, a turtle-shaped base with a shell shade and a bold blue and aqua peacock design.

Styling Tiffany Lamps

You may wonder whether a retro-inspired Tiffany lamp can find a home amongst more modern decor. There are ways to successfully incorporate these glamourous pieces into even the most contemporary home. Find a spot where the lamp won't clash with patterned pieces or bright colours. A bedroom is usually a good spot for a lamp when there's no other good place, but any table livens up instantly with the addition of a Tiffany pendant light overhead. Any room with neutral-coloured furniture and furnishings will benefit from the style of a Tiffany lamp.

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