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Tile Sticker Wall Stickers

You visit a friend and are shocked to see their home has been recently renovated. In place of the old painted walls you see fresh and gleaming tiles! It looks like a totally different house, but you were just there a week did they pull off such a transformation in such a short timeframe? When you express your amazement, your friend confesses: “They're not real tiles...we used tile sticker wall stickers.”

Why should I use tile sticker wall stickers?

Tile decals have been popular for a few years now, but with the surge in popularity for home renovation TV shows tile stickers have become even more mainstream. Wall tile stickers are a fantastic solution for anyone wanting to modernise their home without spending too much money. Real tiles are expensive to buy and require a professional tiler to lay (or at the very least, a basic understanding of how it's done and the necessary tools). With only a small outlay of cost you can apply kitchen wall stickers in the space of an afternoon. Your kitchen is given a new lease on life, with minimal fuss and mess. For areas where the tile decals might be exposed to water you can use waterproof kitchen vinyl wall stickers which will better resist moisture.

Can tile sticker wall stickers be used in bathrooms?

Bathroom wall stickers are fantastic if you have painted walls and want to give the small space a more modern look on a reduced budget. Most stickers can even be applied over existing tiles, so long as they are clean and dry. With bathroom tile stickers available in a wide range of colours and styles, you can choose classic white, modern monochrome or add some pizzazz with a bright pattern. The options are endless.

Are tile sticker wall stickers easy to apply and remove?

Tile stickers for your walls are easy to apply and as long as you follow the manufacturer's instructions, you shouldn't have any problems with removing them at a later date with no damage to the underlying wall surface. This makes wall sticker tiles a fantastic option for renters who want to improve the look of their home but will need to remove any modifications when the time comes for them to vacate the property.

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