Timber Armchairs

Timber Armchairs

Nothing makes your home look more comfortable and elegant than timber furniture. This can be a dining table, television stand or timber armchair. Whatever your style - vintage, contemporary and everything in between - you are sure to find the right chair for you. These pieces use high-quality timber, with painting and staining only serving to highlight the beautiful natural designs of the wood. Pair it with soft cushioning, and you won’t want to ever get up.


There are a number of different types of timber chairs that you can look at to add to your home. While the ‘timber’ aspect is more or less a given, it is the style and pairing fabric that really gives it a great look that can suit any decor style. With affordable prices, you can get one piece or a whole set. Types of timber chairs include a vintage velvet chair, retro leather armchair and cafe dining chairs. You can also whittle timber into loops and designs that give each item of furniture its own personality.

Timber Dining Room Chairs

If you are having company over, one of the best places to wow them with your decor is the kitchen. Here you will need to be both practical and classy, and timber furniture is a great way to do this. Not only do online sellers and resellers like eBay have brand new pieces that will fit any contemporary decor you have, but you can also find plenty of vintage and older-style timber dining room pieces. These have maintained their character and looks, and you can use them as soon as you have it, or you can breathe new life into them with a quick layer or two of varnish.

Timber Contemporary Chairs

Timber doesn’t have to be vintage or clunky furniture. If your home has more of a modern feel, look for contemporary-style timber chairs. These include stained or white bar stools, timber upholstered high back chairs and even indoor/outdoor timber dining chairs.