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Up Your Game with Titleist Single Iron Golf Clubs

You already know you want to improve your handicap. By purchasing an excellent used single iron made by Titleist, you’re on your way to a better showing on the fairway and the greens. You can find several preowned Titleist single iron golf clubs iron on eBay and choose the one that meets your needs.

Are there significant differences in Titleist shaft materials?

The shaft material can substantially affect your game. Here are the differences in materials:

  • Graphite: Lighter than steel, these shafts are built for speed. If you want a stronger emphasis on driving your ball further using increased swing speed, these shafts can help you.
  • Steel: Use this shaft to improve accuracy and control. If your speed is already where you want it, a steel shaft can help to refine your strokes and improve your game.
  • Graphite and steel: Several pros made the switch to composites. This shaft attempts to combine the lighter feel of graphite with the stricter control of steel.
Choosing your Titleist Single Iron Golf Clubs

One of the more important things to consider when buying used golf clubs is whether you are right or left-handed. Many golfers learned the game when swinging right-handed clubs was just the way things were done, regardless of your dominant hand. Now, you have better options and can choose the club that faces the correct way for you to hit with finesse.

Does Titleist iron’s flex affect the accuracy of your swing?

Choosing the correct shaft flex makes a difference. Purchase Titleist irons within the right flex category for your swing:

  • Extra stiff: if you have a powerful swing that only needs better control, this shaft is for you. Golfers regularly hitting the ball more than 260 yards find this flex useful.
  • Stiff flex: To help a strong swinger improve accuracy before moving into the top level of powerful drives. Designed for the golfer hitting the ball 240 to 260 yards.
  • Regular: Golfers with moderate swings hitting 210 to 240 yards, or those who tend to slice the ball should improve their accuracy with this softer flex.
  • Senior: With age, men’s swings gradually lose power. When your swing drops to 180 to 210 yards, it’s time to use finesse rather than relying on power. Switching to a senior flex shaft can improve the game and surprise your opponents.
  • Ladies: if you normally hit the ball 180 to 200 yards off the tee, this flex is right for you. Women with more powerful swings should switch to a senior or regular flex.
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