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Toilet Cisterns

Toilet cisterns are a crucial component of all flush toilets. A toilet cistern is the top part of a toilet that holds the water needed to flush. The water is held in the cistern by a plug and it is released with a lever or button controlled valve. All of these components are necessary for ensuring that your toilet flushes quickly and efficiently. Having some extra components for your toilet cistern can help ensure that you can keep your toilet in working order.

Toilet Cistern Lids

One commonly replaced toilet cistern part is the cistern lid. These lids are commonly made from porcelain and they cover the top of the cistern so that the water is not exposed. Over time, these lids can become worn or cracked. You can find porcelain replacement lids as well as plastic or even stainless steel lids.

Toilet Cistern Buttons or Levers

Toilet cistern buttons or levers are another commonly replaced part. The button or lever on the toilet cistern is what controls the valve and allows the water to be released from the cistern in order to flush the toilet. Buttons and levers can wear out over time but some people simply choose to replace them because they want a different colour or material. They are available in plastic and metal.

Toilet Cistern Valves

The toilet cistern valve is the component in the cistern that moves up and down when the button or lever is activated. It controls the flow of water out of the cistern needed to flush the toilet. These valves tend to wear out over time or become calcified if they are exposed to water with a high mineral content. Most toilet cistern valves are fairly easy to replace and doing so requires only simple tools such as screwdrivers.

Toilet Cistern Flappers

A toilet cistern flapper is a plug that covers the opening that the water drains from. They are typically made of rubber or plastic and they are connected to the valve with a metal chain or plastic line. This component is very easy to replace and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can find one that works with nearly any model of toilet.

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