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Toilet Night Lights

Every fancy and functional bathroom should include a toilet night light that guides you in the dark. With a night light equipped with a motion sensor, you no longer have to switch on a big light if you need to go to the toilet in the darkest hours. These lights also help to potty train children, as the fun lights comfort them. Consider the different features of toilet night lights to find the one that would fit your bathroom.


Ease of installation is an important feature to consider if you do not want to spend too much time on fitting it onto your toilet. Some night lights fit onto all kinds of bowls, and some are for specific shapes. The easiest installation is with a light that has a flexible arm that snaps into place without much effort. Using a sticker might be more troublesome, as the light would be hard to remove for cleaning the toilet bowl or changing the battery.

Battery Life

The battery life depends on the type of batteries a night light uses and these could be either AA or AAA batteries. AA's are bigger and can hold a greater charge as well. However, this is not always the case. If you have advanced AAA batteries, they can more power than the AA. You cannot change the type of batteries a night light uses, but you can pick more powerful versions of the battery type. Buy new ones, though, as the old ones that have been sitting in your drawer for years may not pack the same punch.

Motion Sensitivity and Colours

A toilet night light is only good if it works properly and turns on when you need it. The best lamps only activate in the darkness, thus saving the battery. You can also choose from a range of colours, and one lamp could offer even 16 different kinds of lights to guide you in the dark. The ability to choose the colour makes it especially fun for children and can be part of your interior decor scheme.


Whichever stationary indoor night light you select, you can find one that helps you save the environment as well. Energy-efficient night lights do not consume too much battery, so you do not have to change it too often. If you are considerate about the environment, choose lights that switch off shortly after you have left the bathroom. You could also use rechargeable batteries inside the lamp.

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