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Got one to sell?

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Keep it sparkling clean with toilet paper holders

Whether you're remodelling the entire bathroom, upgrading the fixtures to refresh the design, or simply looking for a better way to keep your toilet paper rolls off the floor, with a sparkling new toilet paper holder, you can update the look of your bathroom with the functionality you need, and you're sure to be on a roll thanks to the great range available right here on eBay. Even better, with the ease of online shopping, you're not going to get pooped out running from store to store simply to find the toilet paper holder to suit your bathroom.

Unravelling the mysteries of the toilet roll holder

Toilet paper holders came in a range of different options and varieties. A traditional wall mounted toilet paper holder is great when you have the wall space. A vintage freestanding toilet paper holder works well in a bathroom that has an antique design or when it's not possible to attach the holder to the wall. Holders come in a range of materials and finishes including stainless steel, matte black, polished chrome, white ceramic, brass, and even plastic, so there's a design to suit all aesthetics and budgets.

If you're curious about the very divisive question on whether to hang your toilet paper in the over or under position (i.e. where you pull the paper from the top of the roll or from underneath), here's a few interesting nuggets to ponder. 60-70% of survey respondents state their preference is toilet paper in the over position. Most housekeeping and etiquette experts suggest the over position. There was even a personality study of over 2000 people, conducted by Dr. Gilda Carle, that correlated a Type-A, assertive people with the over position, while a more laid-back personality was associated with the under position. However, it's also suggested that the under position can make it harder for children, animals, and practical jokers to unwind the entire roll, so this could be a better choice for family households. Either way, many people are very passionate about the topic. Who knew a simple toilet paper holder could cause so many people to raise their deuces?

While you're considering the type of toilet paper holder to suit your needs, don't hesitate to check out the full range of home plumbing fixtures, including the range of other bathroom fixtures. Whether you're an over-achiever or a mellow under-roller, there's no stirring the pot with the great options available right here on eBay today.

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