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Tommy Hilfiger Men's Wallets

A true gentleman carries a wallet that is both functional and presentable. With Tommy Hilfiger's men's wallets, you do not have to choose between function and form, because this designer brand offers you both. The right men's wallet makes a great first impression and also serves you well in any situation, with an elegant design and functional storage. When choosing a wallet from the Tommy Hilfiger collection, bear in mind some of the key characteristics below.


The Tommy Hilfiger logo is subtle, yet powerful, carrying with itself a sense of sophistication and style. Most wallets have the colour block rectangle on them, while some also feature engraved words "Tommy" and "Hilfiger" on either side of the rectangle. The insides of the wallets typically also feature a logo. Look for these markers to ensure you have a real article.

Coin Compartments

Not all slim Tommy Hilfiger wallets for men feature a coin compartment, as this adds unwanted bulk to the wallet. However, needing to carry a separate item for your coins introduces unwanted bulk to your pocket. If you do require a place for storing your coins, choose an appropriate wallet, such as the Johnson trifold or the ETN wallet.

Credit Card Holders

As a rule, all of the wallets come with ample of space for credit cards. Choose your Tommy Hilfiger men's wallets with a credit card holder depending on the number of cards you carry with you on a daily basis. If you need more space, you may even opt for a separate card holder. If you do not carry cash with you, a card holder might even be the only thing you need.


Most Tommy Hilfiger wallets are modest, in shades of brown, grey, blue, and black. However, if you really like the colours of their logo, you can choose the slightly more cheerful striped version, which is still not too overwhelming.