Toner Cartridges for HP

Don't get caught without any ink; keep a fresh supply of printer and toner cartridges in the storage cabinet. Sure, you can estimate when you will run out of ink, but you can never be positive when it will actually happen. There is nothing worse when you are in the middle of a big job or rushing to beat a deadline than to discover you need more toner. Having extra supplies on hand can save you in a time crunch, or even allow you to help someone else in a bind.

Print in Black

For most print jobs, a black toner cartridge for HP gets the job done. Printing in black is the most common for reports, homework, and other text-based printing jobs.

Add a Bit of Colour

For those occasions when you need a little colour, having a multi-colour toner cartridge for HP on hand makes your life a little easier. You get bright, vibrant prints with a multi-colour HP toner cartridge installed.

Generic vs Name Brand

When it comes to printer cartridges, there are two types, off brand compatible models, and genuine HP toner cartridges. You can't go wrong with either product, but with branded cartridges, you can be sure it will work in your printer. When it comes to generic models, you have to ensure you get one that is compatible with your make and model.

Keep The Printer Printing

In order to keep printing off pages, the machine needs to be in working order. A maintenance kit, complete with everything you need, is a must. If the roller isn't rolling properly, you might think the cartridge is running out of ink because you are getting streaks. To get more life out of your toner cartridge, take it out, shake it, and replace when you notice the print is getting lighter than normal.