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Too Faced is a boutique brand founded by Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson in 1998. With a vision to create a makeup line that would celebrate individuality and inject joy into the too serious cosmetics industry back then, Too Faced has grown into one of the leaders within the beauty industry and has become a ‘serious makeup brand that knows how to have fun’.

Too Faced mascara

The Too Faced mascara range includes Damn Girl! Mascara and Better than Sex mascara.

The Damn Girl! Mascara features a mousse formula created by Jerrod. It has a unique blend of whipped melting waxes that give immediate extra volume without the heavy feel. This 24-hour smudge and flake-resistant mascara has innovative polymers that aim to keep keep lashes flexible while lifting, lengthening and locking-in curl. Damn Girl! Tries to emulate the feelings of boldness, daring and confidence of the modern woman.

The Too Faced Better than Sex mascara is one of the best-selling prestige mascaras in America. It's goal is to help you have mind-blowing lashes at all times. Better than Sex aims to thicken, lengthen and curl after just one coat. Thanks to the hourglass-shaped brush, you can unlock the formula and coat both tops and bottoms of every one of your lashes. This can help create luscious, dramatic and volumised lashes that you crave. The Too Faced Better than Sex mascara is available in waterproof, Tutti Frutti, Peach and Diamonds editions. All Too Faced mascaras are also available in travel size edition.

Too Faced mascara line also features the Better than False Lashes Extreme! instant extension kit and the Mascara Melt-Off mascara remover. The Too Faced Better than False Lashers Extreme! instant extension kit features their exclusive Prime & Seal Mascara formula and duo-fiber spiral brush for ridiculously longer and thicker lashes. The Too Faced Mascara Melt-Off is a cleansing and conditioning oil-based mascara dissolver that removes every trace of both waterproof and regular mascara.