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Get Organized With a Tool Chest

A tool chest is a must for any home with storage space for tools and accessories. Tool chests can be kept in a garage or outbuilding to ensure your tools are ready to be used when you need them without being exposed to the elements or lost in an unorganized pile. These products are ideal for optimizing space and preventing clutter.

How many drawers do the most common size tool chests feature?

There are several sizes of tool chests on the market right now and each has its benefits and drawbacks. When shopping for a tool chest, it is important to know what size is going to allow you to store all of the tools you have and plan to acquire in the future. Determine whether or not you’ll need a tool chest with a trolley to make moving it easier. People who only have a small number of tools can have a two-drawer tool chest or toolbox that can be carried with a handle. Those who have more tools will likely need to purchase a model with a trolley for easy transport around the garage or other storage areas. Generally, chests with three or more drawers have a trolley and come in these popular sizes:

  • 3 drawer - A good choice for just about anyone who has a decent collection of tools for minor repairs.
  • 6 drawer - Ideal for people who have a number of tools for projects around the house.
  • 9 drawer - Ideal for people with a complete tool collection or a handyman.
What are the benefits of selecting a trolley tool chest?

Tool chests themselves aren’t usually heavy, but can be bulky and aren’t easily portable, especially those with 6 or more drawers. Most of the larger tool chests with a trolley are made from aluminium or steel, which adds weight. Once the tools are added to the chest, it is very difficult to move the chest without a trolley unless all of the tools are removed first. A trolley, or wheeled tool chest, makes the tool chest very convenient to use and can make it a more attractive option especially for those who have a large tool collection. Additionally, the wheels on a tool chest trolley are usually lockable to prevent it from rolling around while in storage.

What are common materials used to construct tool chests?

Most larger tool chests are made from either steel or aluminium. These materials ensure that they can hold up to the weight of a large tool collection and last for years to come. Smaller tool chests, however, can be made from a few different materials such as aluminium, plastic, or even wood. People who have smaller tool collections may want to consider using a plastic tool chest because it is economical and resists rusting and usually works better than a hanging rack. Keep in mind that plastic won’t last nearly as long as a metal chest and can only handle a certain amount of wear and tear.

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