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Topcon Industrial Levels

Topcon has been a name in industrial construction and infrastructure for several decades, and their equipment has moved along with the bleeding edge of technology and positioning science. People in countries throughout the world trust Topcon products to help them lay the foundations of roads, water systems and more. Levelling is a critical part of that process, but it’s also something that remains important through all stages of construction, as almost any engineer will tell you. Whether you’re building small or large, you can trust Topcon devices to get you there.


Not all survey sites are going to treat you fairly; some locations don’t want to play fair. That’s why not all surveying equipment is equal: Topcon industrial surveying equipment raises the bar for how engineers raise the skyline. Planning construction includes many steps, and among the most crucial of these is the survey, because the shape of the land and a clear grasp of what you’ll have to do to lay your foundation determine everything else about the job. Topcon puts the right tools for a reliable survey in your hands.

On the Level

As a building ascends or infrastructure is laid, keeping it all level is often of paramount importance. Of course a slope is going to make walking or transporting materials difficult, but it also impacts the integrity of your work. That’s why maintaining level is both fundamental and indispensable, and why having the proper tools for that job is key to success. Industrial levels are more precise than the basic spirit levels and even laser levels you can pick up at your local home improvement store, because you only want to trust large construction to the best gear. That’s where Topcon comes in, with industrial levels capable of getting it done right.

The Right Angle

Most of the time, a level start is only the beginning. There are all kinds of considerations in large-scale construction, such as accessibility, watershed and so on. When the time comes to put in stairwells, vehicle or wheelchair ramps, drainage and more, Topcon has you covered there, too. Their laser devices can measure slopes as easily as level ground.


Even if you’re not familiar with the term, chances are good you’ve seen the most iconic piece of surveyor’s equipment: The theodelite. That’s where it all starts, because that’s how you measure the site before construction. Topcon produces highly accurate and reliable theodelites to set your job off on the right path from the beginning.

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