Topfield is a South Korean company that makes home video and audio electronics. Though its had its ups and downs in Australia, many still rely on the PVRs and other devices to watch TV. You can find plenty of devices to choose from, both pre-owned and new, when shopping for Topfield products.

Home Satellite TV Receivers

Topfield home satellite TV receivers allow you to record live television programs for playback at a later time. Newer models record in MPEG-4 HD and have hard drives large enough to allow you to store up to 5,000 television programs. A practical feature for parents, child filters help you manage what your kids watch when youre not around. Furthermore, some receivers come with Android support so that you can share live TV or download a program to your phone or tablet.

Digital Set Top Boxes

Before digital TVs became common, digital set top boxes were popular to allow you to watch digital broadcasts through your old TV. Nowadays, they are not so common as they do not automatically include a hard drive for recording shows. If you have a digital set top box from Topfield and want to be able to record shows, you can use a USB drive.

PVRs and Hard Drive Recorders

Topfield DVRs are actually branded as personal video recorders (PVRs) by the company. These devices can record both standard and high definition television broadcasts. Many of these PVRs also support Android, but you can also use their software to transfer the recording to a computer.

Open API for Creating Applications

One unusual feature of Topfield is their open API (application program interface) that allows users to create apps that can go beyond the standard functions of their digital TV products. In fact, many users have created applications buyers can use in most Topfield PVR models. If you are not looking to write your own apps, you are sure to find some useful ones.