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Topiary Decor

Topiary bushes give a green but well-curated and managed feeling to any space, most commonly your garden. A good topiary bush is made by working with the plant’s natural growth to encourage it to grow in a way we find aesthetically pleasing. But what if you want that look but simply don’t have the time for something like that? Maybe you’re planning a wedding and want topiary bushes, or maybe you just work long hours and only really get to enjoy gardening for one afternoon a week.


Artificial plants don’t have the best rap, but a lot of that is undeserved. Sure, they might not be real plants, but they’re real pretty. The advantage of an artificial topiary bush is that you can easily just buy whatever design you want. It could be a simple cone or sphere, but it can also be something more complicated like a spiral, or a topiary animal, with no added hassle. Potted topiaries are commonly for sale too, since it’s really easy to match a pot to the look of the topiary itself.


We’ve already established that these topiaries aren’t made of real wood, bark, and leaf, but what was used as a substitute? You’ll commonly find plastic topiaries, or sometimes foam or a mixture of the two. One downside of artificial plants is that they’re not alive. That might sound obvious, and it can be an advantage too, but it means no new leaves are grown, and the material can slowly become brittle and the leaves fade if the topiary bush is exposed to the elements. As such, artificial plants are generally recommended for inside use, though if you have a particular occasion they’ll stand up to the weather just fine for a few days.

Real Life

Real plants come in a staggering rainbow of species, and artificial topiary plants reflect just some of this diversity by being made in the likeness of species such as rose, ficus, or ivy.