Look Cool in Size 12 Tops and Shirts for Ladies

The range of ladies’ tops in size 12 is not only large, but it is also highly varied. Whether you are attracted to the sophisticated designs of famous fashion houses or pretty and practical unbranded designs, you will have lots to choose from on eBay.

Can you find a size 12 top from your favourite designers?

Yes. There is no shortage of brands offering their unique styles of size 12 tops for women. Fruit of the Loom, Ralph Lauren, NEXT, M&S, Top Shop, and many more big brand names have all applied their creative talents to the manufacture of ladies’ tops in size 12. There are also many attractive unbranded tops at surprisingly affordable prices.

A choice for every taste and preference

The style choice is almost unlimited. Long-sleeve, short-sleeve, sleeveless, buttoned shirts, t-shirts, slim-fit, or baggy, the list goes on and on. The same applies to the range of colours and patterns, too. Only you can decide what looks great on you, or what will make a positive impression if you have an upcoming occasion planned.

Common materials used in ladies tops

When browsing the range of attractive designs that are available, pay special attention to the fabric that the tops are made of, too. All fabrics can look good, but they also have unique properties that affect how comfortable the tops and shirts feel, how they move, how warm or cool they feel, and how easy they are to keep clean. The fabrics commonly used in the manufacture of ladies tops in size 12 are shown below. Note that blends are often used to take advantage of the natural properties of each fabric:

  • Cotton: Cotton is durable and comfortable. It feels soft against the skin, and it retains your body heat well in cold weather.
  • Polyester: Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is durable and resists shrinking.
  • Silk: Soft and smooth with an attractive natural sheen, silk is strong and looks classy.
  • Linen: Linen is popular for its fast-drying properties, and its ability to keep you cool in warm weather. It may be blended with lycra to produce a more stretchable textile.
Can you get tops with customised text designs?

Yes. If you are looking for ladies tops in size 12 with printed text, an alternative offered by some sellers is to supply your own text. The company can print a funny phrase, a fashion statement, or whatever you like on your chosen shirt or top.