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Got one to sell?

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The mechanics best friend, a torque wrench is a must have tool in any automotive workshop. It features often in plumbers tool boxes or DIY jobs such as tightening nuts and bolts around the house. Torque refers to tightening force and the torque wrench is a special tool because it allows the user to control the force (or torque) when tightening or loosening. Most torque wrenches include a gauge to tell the user how torqued the nut or bolt is to ensure it is not under or over tightened.

The torque wrenches available on eBay are designed for a range of applications including automotive servicing, industrial use and home use. They differ in size and tightening ability, so if you are using torque wrenches often it is wise to purchase a whole set so you can apply the full range of torque to any job.

There are also five different types of torque wrenches each with individual features. These include deflecting beam torque wrenches, micrometer torque wrenches, dial type torque wrenches, electronic torque wrenches, torque angle wrenches and interchangeable wrenches. No matter what type of torque wrench you choose, it will make the perfect addition to a tool box. Howvever, these tools might not be applicable for every single tightening and loosening application so depending on what type of work you are doing, purchasing a spanner or wrench set is a good idea.

Remember that a torque wrench is a precision tool so it may be worth investing in a good quality wrench to keep for your life time. Be aware that most models will have an accuracy tolerance from 1% - 4% and the lower the tolerance, the more accurate the wench will be. The accuracy and effectiveness of your touque wrench can be compromised if it is not stored and used correctly, check the manufacturers guidelines for more information.

For all your tool needs from chisels to hammers and torque wrenches, check the huge selection on eBay today.

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